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Main Sponsors to help us achieve this challenge.

WYNNSTER OUTDOOR CLOTHING  (www.wynnster.co.uk)

Has supplied us unconditionally with outdoor gear from the start including rucksacks, coats and socks. Latterly have furnished us with Zamberlain boots.

SPEED SERVICES PLC (www.speed.co.uk)

A very important sponsor that provides us with a courier service to allow for collection and delivery of our supply parcels.

WALKERS NONSUCH LIMITED (www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk)

Supply us with toffee to keep our energy levels up throughout the day.

MORNING FOODS LIMITED (MORNFLAKE) (www.mornflakeoats.co.uk)

Have given us all the porridge we will need for the duration of our walk.

HAVEN LEISURE LIMITED (www.havenholidays.com)

Providers of alternative accommodation around the coast at various holiday parks. Although this is generally seasonal, we have been grateful at times when the tent just wasn't an option!

GIGASTREAM LTD (www.gigastream.co.uk)

Have generously hosted our Website.

A special thank you to W MARLOW & SONS (FOOTWEAR) LIMITED (www.marlows.co.uk) who supplied us with a new pair of walking boots each at a crucial time.

Also to the many equipment, food and financial sponsors that have also helped us along the way, without your help this challenge would have proved even more difficult. Thank you for helping us to help the RNLI.